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Oaxaca City is surrounded by different picturesque and original towns that, despite their proximity to the City, still preserve their traditions and original antique buildings. Such is the case of Tlalixtac de Cabrera, a community nestled at the side of the Sierra Juárez mountains. 

It is located only 27 minutes from Oaxaca downtown, its name means “Tierra Blanca” (white land”, and it was founded by the Zapotec town in the XII century, so it is one of the oldest towns in Oaxaca. it is about a big village in which can be still seen houses made of adobe. Its traditions and colonial style give it its originality and beauty. A traditional market can be found, and there is also, of course, a big church that contributes to the colonial atmosphere of the place. 

A curious fact is that the renowned painter from New Spain Miguel Cabrera was a native of this municipality. 

Surrounded by mountain views, this town is a house for locals and also foreigners, who love its style and tranquility.

If you are looking for properties in a quiet location and close to nature, Tlalixtac is the perfect one for you. Fall in love with its culture, lifestyle, and people, spend your days watching sunsets from the comfort of your property, and entertain yourself by watching through your window animals as horses and donkeys walking by the streets. 

Here we present you gorgeous 4 properties located in this astonishing locality:


Wait no longer and contact us to arrange appointments and visit these properties,  encourage yourself to live in one of the most authentic places of Oaxaca. 

By Jessica Hernández. 

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