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Innovation and technology in hospitality

Innovation and technology in hospitality
July 5th, 2024 Sales Department

Hospitality is a constantly evolving industry, and technology plays a crucial role in this transformation. From process automation to service personalization, technological innovation is changing the way hotels operate and how guests enjoy their stays.

It is important to highlight that there are many ways to incorporate innovation and technology in the area of ​​hospitality. Below I will share with you some that today are considered essential to provide excellent service.


  1. PMS (Property Management System): is a hotel management software that allows you to optimize your commercial tasks, making operations more agile. The main benefits of installing a PMS on your property are:
        1. Integration with sales channels: Instantly receive bookings from all online and offline channels, which is essential to avoid failures and ensure agility in the operations process. Also, to enable hotel managers to offer amazing accommodation service to their guests.


        1. Business automation: prevents failures and ensures processes happen faster.


        1. Guarantee of an easy-to-use interface: it allows you to find and record information in a practical and intuitive way, becoming an ally of the team.


        1. Monitoring through strategic reports: helps the manager take more assertive strategies, improving the hotel’s visibility in the market.


      1. Being able to offer an innovative way for the hotel to engage with the guest: ensures agility and efficiency in its services.


    1. Booking Engine: If you are new or have not implemented a Booking Engine on your hotel website, you should know how this tool can help you depend less and less on OTAS to promote your reservations. This is because a booking engine allows customers to make reservations on the hotel’s website or social media, directly. Consequently, sales will be more profitable, since no commissions will be awarded. In addition to avoiding the possibilities of making manual errors or duplicate reservations, since the engine undergoes an integrated update in real time with other tools.


    1. Business Intelligence: Due to the great competitiveness and demand of the hotel sector, BI is an intelligent way to carry out assertive hotel management, keeping the hotel at the center of attention. The process goes through stages of collection, organization, data analysis and reports, constantly updated and monitored, which will help the hotel manager make decisions and monitor the results of the investments made in their property. In this way, it will be possible to collect data on the Internet and evaluate the impact of marketing strategies on your hotel.


    1. CRM System: Helps understand the needs of your guests, with technological solutions that collect information and promote actions related to consumer relationship strategies, thus contributing to the growth of your business. You must understand that satisfaction is linked to the entire process before, during and after the stay. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the ways in which your hotel should use CRM in its marketing and customer relationship strategy.


    1. Digital Marketing: Faced with the contemporary scenario, investing in digital marketing strategies will help the hotel attract more guests, create relationships and develop a brand identity. Among the main digital marketing strategies for hotels are: creating a website and/or blog for your hotel, using Google services, email marketing and, of course, presence on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Hotel management software: This technology is a desktop or web tool designed to help managers in the tourism and hospitality industry with procedures ranging from sales and reservation processes to managing a hotel’s tasks. Promotes cloud data storage and other essential features for efficient hotel management.

All of this may sound like a great investment of time and money. At SILMÉXICO we always care about bringing real solutions to our clients and regarding this issue, it is no exception. As we had already told a few episodes ago, at SILMÉXICO we made a strategic alliance with one of the most recognized hotel chains in the world: Best Western Hotel Group.

Best Western Hotel Group has implemented advanced technological solutions to offer a more comfortable and secure experience to its customers and to the hotels that decide to integrate its brand. From mobile apps that enable contactless check-in and check-out to artificial intelligence systems that personalize recommendations for activities and services, Best Western ensures it’s always one step ahead.

Adopting technology in hospitality not only improves the guest experience but also optimizes hotel operations. From using management software to optimize reservations and occupancy, to smart energy systems that reduce costs and consumption, the benefits are countless.

It is precisely in this part where I want to tell you about how if you are dedicated to hospitality, you can incorporate all this technology and innovation to your property by joining this renowned hotel chain.

A very important part to achieve the success of the project is the Marketing and Loyalty Strategy. BWH Hotels spends $70 million annually on global advertising campaigns and its various content channels (YouTube Channel and official blog), which encourage guests to travel and choose this chain for their stay.

BWH Hotels also makes use of some business intelligence tools such as:

Medallia: is a customer experience (CX) platform that helps companies capture and analyze feedback from customers, employees and other stakeholders in real time. Its primary purpose is to improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty by understanding and acting on user experiences and opinions.

OTA INSIGHT: is a market intelligence platform for the hotel industry, designed to help hotels optimize their pricing, distribution and revenue management strategy.

STR: (Smith Travel Research) is a global data analysis and benchmarking company in the hotel industry. Founded in 1985, STR provides data and analysis on hotel performance, helping companies make informed decisions and improve their performance.

All of the above is used in order to provide the best advice to the brand’s member hotels. 

Innovation and technology are transforming the hospitality industry in exciting and beneficial ways. And Best Western Hotel Group is a leader in this field, proving that it is possible to offer an exceptional guest experience while generating the best revenue for your hotel.

If you are dedicated to the hospitality industry and need professional advice to grow your business and improve your income, come to SILMÉXICO, where our experts will help you achieve your growth goals. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social networks like SILMEXICO OAXACA and subscribe to our podcast on Spotify for more content and advice on the real estate sector.

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