New Trends in Real Estate and Hospitality: Innovative Business Models in Mexico

June 5, 2024 2024 Sales Department

The real estate and hospitality industry in Mexico is undergoing a significant transformation. Driven by changes in consumer preferences, technological advances and the recent global pandemic, companies in the sector are reevaluating their practices and strategies to adapt to new market demands. In this blog, we will explore the most innovative business models that are redefining hospitality in Mexico and analyze current trends in the real estate sector.

Vacation Properties and Short Term Rentals

One of the most innovative and booming models in the hospitality sector is vacation properties and short-term rentals. Platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo have revolutionized the way people travel and stay, allowing homeowners to rent out their properties to tourists and business travelers. These platforms offer a flexible and often cheaper alternative to traditional hotels.

In Mexico, popular tourist destinations such as the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Mazatlán have seen a significant increase in the supply of vacation properties. However, this model also presents challenges, especially in terms of regulation and competition with traditional hospitality. It is crucial that owners understand local laws and guest expectations to maximize their profitability and ensure a positive experience.

Boutique and Personalized Luxury Hotels

Another emerging model is that of personalized luxury and boutique hotels. These establishments focus on offering unique and personalized experiences to their guests, differentiating themselves from large hotel chains that are often perceived as impersonal. Customization can range from unique decor and design to exclusive services such as private butlers or dedicated chefs.

In Mexico, the boutique hotel trend has gained popularity in cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Tulum, and Mexico City. These hotels not only attract tourists, but also business travelers looking for a more enriching and personalized experience during their stay.

Some notable examples of these hotels in Mexico are: Kanan Tulum Hotel and Spa, Hotel El Ganzo in Los Cabos, Contemplation Resort and Spa in Valle de Guadalupe and Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende.

Challenges of Boutique Hotels

Operating a boutique hotel comes with unique challenges ranging from cost management to competing with large hotel chains. Below, we address some of the main challenges:

Cost and Financing Management:

Managing costs and financing can be a significant challenge. Boutique hotels, with their emphasis on customization and luxury, often require a considerable upfront investment for design and construction. Additionally, operating costs can be high due to the need to maintain high standards of service and quality.

Competition with Large Hotel Chains:

Although boutique hotels offer unique experiences, they must compete with large chains that can offer lower rates due to economies of scale. This requires boutique hotels to clearly differentiate themselves and position themselves in the market effectively.

Consistency in Service Quality:

Consistency in service quality is crucial. Due to their smaller size, boutique hotels rely heavily on quality of service to attract and retain guests. This requires constant staff training and meticulous focus on every detail of the operation.

Marketing and Visibility:

Unlike large chains that have substantial marketing and advertising budgets, boutique hotels must find creative and effective ways to promote themselves. This may include strategic use of social media, partnerships with influencers, and participation on specialized travel platforms.

Technological Adaptation:

Implementing and maintaining advanced technologies such as property management systems, automated check-in, and personalization tools require investments and technical knowledge. However, these technologies are crucial to improving operational efficiency and delivering a superior guest experience.

Current Trends in the Real Estate Sector in Mexico

The real estate industry in Mexico is seeing a series of changes and adaptations to the new market realities. Here are some of the most relevant trends:

Sustainability and Ecological Constructions

There is growing interest in developments that incorporate sustainable practices and green technologies. Consumers and developers are looking for buildings that reduce environmental impact, use renewable energy and offer green spaces.

Urbanization and Microurbanisms

Large cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey continue to expand, but there is also a focus on developing micro-urbanisms or smaller, self-sufficient communities within these cities. This seeks to reduce travel time and improve quality of life.

Multifunctional Housing

The pandemic has demonstrated the need for spaces that are adaptable to work, live and enjoy. Homes that offer flexibility in the use of their spaces are gaining popularity.

Investment in Vacation Properties

Key tourist destinations are seeing a boom in investment in holiday rental properties. This is driven by both domestic and international investors who see the potential for profitability in these markets.

Technology and Digitalization

From buying and selling properties to management and maintenance, technology is transforming every aspect of the real estate sector. Apps for virtual tours, digital contracts and property management are becoming more common.

Co-living and Co-working spaces

The trend of combining living and working spaces continues to grow, especially in cities with a high concentration of digital nomads and freelancers. These spaces offer community, flexibility and convenience.

Foreign Investments

Mexico continues to be an attractive destination for foreign investors, especially in the luxury tourist and residential real estate sector. The country’s relative economic stability and cultural and natural attractiveness drive this trend.


Innovation and adaptability are key in the real estate and hospitality industry in Mexico. New business models, such as vacation properties and boutique hotels, along with emerging trends in real estate, are shaping the future of the market. The challenges are significant, but the opportunities for those who know how to adapt and evolve are enormous.

Thank you for joining us in this analysis of trends and innovative business models in real estate and hospitality in Mexico. Stay informed and prepared to take advantage of the opportunities this dynamic sector offers.

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Best Western Hotel Group and SILMÉXICO join forces to develop the hotel market in Mexico

May 30, 2024 Sales Department

Last Wednesday, May 29, SILMÉXICO and Best Western Hotel Group celebrated the official presentation of their strategic alliance. In this agreement, SILMÉXICO assumes the role of national brand developer, marking the beginning of a promising collaboration in the Mexican hotel sector.

An Innovative Presentation Event

The event, which began punctually at 9 in the morning, was a breakfast-presentation that brought together various people interested in learning about BWH Hotels’ proposals for investors and hospitality professionals. Luis Alberto Tito, Director of Hotel Development in Latin America for BWH Hotels, led the presentation, providing all relevant information to attendees.

Innovation and Leadership in Hospitality

Best Western Hotels & Resorts and SILMÉXICO stand out for their commitment to excellence and innovation in hospitality. In this new phase, both companies seek to integrate visionary professionals into their team who share their passion for providing exceptional guest experiences. The initiative focuses on finding dedicated hospitality talent with a fresh perspective, to drive growth and evolution of the brand.

Why invest with Best Western Hotels & Resorts?

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is a global hotel chain with a strong reputation for its commitment to quality, service and innovation. With 19 brands and more than 4,700 hotels in more than 100 countries, the brand has established itself as an industry leader, offering a wide range of accommodation options that suit the needs and preferences of modern travelers.

Additionally, BWH Hotels offers:

-Analysis and monitoring of improvements

-An annual investment in marketing strategies of $70 million dollars

-Professional management of revenue management with business intelligence tools

-Great flexibility in your brands

-A competitive franchise cost in the market

Visits to Key Cities

The tour of presentations will cover several key cities in Mexico, starting in Oaxaca de Juárez. During these events, Best Western Hotels & Resorts representatives will conduct briefings and interviews to identify top talent in the industry. The visits will continue through Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Cancún, offering participants the opportunity to learn more about the company’s philosophy, its quality standards and the professional development opportunities available.

Requirements and Participation

The call is open to all hospitality professionals who have relevant industry experience, leadership skills and an innovative approach to hospitality management. Those interested in participating can find more information about the following dates and cities in the official SILMÉXICO media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and at

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of one of the most promising alliances in the hotel industry!

Key tips to maximize your profits on Airbnb: Everything you need to know before renting your property



May 23rd 2024

Sales Department


Renting your property on Airbnb can be a great way to generate additional income. However, to maximize your profits and ensure a positive experience for both you and your guests, it is essential to keep a few key aspects in mind. We share a guide with the best tips to make your Airbnb adventure a success.

    1. Know Local Regulations

Before you start renting your property on Airbnb, it’s crucial to find out about local regulations. In Mexico, regulations may vary depending on the location. In popular tourist locations such as Oaxaca de Juárez and the coastal region of Huatulco, it is important to register with the local Tourism Secretariat. Fines for non-compliance can vary, but in some cases they can reach up to 50,000 pesos.

    1. Prepare your Property

The presentation of your property is vital. According to a study by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), properties in Oaxaca that are well maintained and decorated can increase their rental rates by 15-25%. Make sure your space is clean, well-maintained, and equipped with all the basic amenities. Consider investing in modern and cozy decoration to make your property more attractive.

    1. Professional Photographs

Photos are the first impression potential guests will have of your property. In Mexico, listings with professional photos can generate up to 50% more revenue than those without high-quality photos, according to Airbnb data. Hire a professional photographer to capture your space in the best light and from the most favorable angles.

    1. Write an Attractive Description

Your description should be clear, honest and attractive. Listings in Mexico with detailed and accurate descriptions are 25% more likely to be booked, according to Airbnb data. Highlight the best features of your property and the neighborhood, such as proximity to tourist attractions, restaurants, and public transportation.

    1. Establish Competitive Prices

Research the prices of similar properties in your area to set a competitive rate. In Oaxaca, rates can vary significantly depending on location. For example, in Oaxaca de Juárez, hosts can charge between 800 and 2,000 pesos per night, while on the coast of Huatulco prices can range between 1,500 and 4,500 pesos per night. Use Airbnb tools like Smart Pricing, which automatically adjusts your rates based on demand.

    1. Offer an Exceptional Experience

Success on Airbnb is based on positive reviews. According to a study by Airbnb Mexico, listings with an average rating of 4.8 stars or higher are 70% more likely to be booked. Be an approachable host and respond quickly to any queries. In addition, it offers small details such as a city guide, welcome snacks or personalized recommendations.

    1. Optimize your listing

Regularly update your listing with new photos and descriptions. Keep an up-to-date calendar to avoid double bookings. According to data from Airbnb Mexico, hosts who update their listing at least once a month have 15% more reservations. Additionally, respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, in a professional and courteous manner.

    1. Promote your Property

Take advantage of social networks to promote your property. Share photos and testimonials from satisfied guests on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In Mexico, and specifically in Oaxaca, 60% of travelers use social networks to plan their trips, according to a study by the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI).

    1. Use Management Tools

There are several tools and software that can help you manage your property efficiently. Tools like Guesty or Hostaway can automate tasks like communicating with guests, managing reservations, and coordinating with housekeeping staff. According to Airbnb data, hosts in Oaxaca who use these tools report a 30% reduction in management time.

    1. Maintenance and Security

Perform regular maintenance on your property to ensure everything is working properly. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and provide emergency information to your guests. In Oaxaca, well-maintained properties are 18% more likely to receive positive reviews, which translates into more bookings.


In conclusion, renting your property on Airbnb can be a very good source of income if you do it correctly. By following these tips, you can maximize your profits and offer a memorable experience to your guests. Remember that the key is preparation, attention to detail and commitment to excellence in service.


If managing properties is not your thing, at SILMÉXICO we have the property management and administration service. Come to our experts who will gladly provide you with information about fees and service specifications!

SILMEXICO and Best Western Alliance PART 2

May 15th, 2024 Sales Department  

In our previous blog, we shared an introduction to the alliance created between SILMÉXICO and Best Western Hotel Group where we explained that it consists of offering hoteliers and investors a diversified portfolio of brands with different features and services designed to generate greater income.


This portfolio is enriched by 19 distinctive brands spanning all market segments, from luxury to economy, BWH Hotels adapts to the needs of developers and guests in all markets, offering personality and style with each brand.


Within the area of ​​customer loyalty, BWH has the “LOYALTY REWARDS: Creating experiences” program. In this, points can be added and used at all participating properties of both brands around the world (Best Western Rewards and World Hotels Rewards).


The accumulation scheme is 10 points for every US dollar spent, and these points never expire. Another program is Status Match…No Catch that allows guests to match their status with any other loyalty program; hotel or OTA, so they can get all the benefits of the highest levels from the beginning.


In terms of numbers, this program has 53 million members (between BW Rewards and World Hotel Rewards), 8 million active members, 13.6 million stays, 26.5 million nights and $2.9 billion USD in sales.


In the field of commercial intelligence, BW Hotels has expert management of Revenue Management since a BWH Revenue and Systems Manager is dedicated to each hotel, being their main point of contact with the brand. They also offer a permanent analysis of consumer behavior at micro market levels, optimizing availability and rates to maximize profitability.


BWH Hotels also makes use of some business intelligence tools such as: Medallia, OTAINSIGHT, STR and Nexus, all with the aim of providing the best advice to the brand’s member hotels.


Another very important part that is a notable emblem of this brand is the WE CARE CLEAN program. Based on guidance provided by global health and safety organisations, BWH Hotel Group has launched this programme, which ensures member hotels meet the health and wellbeing requirements of discerning guests, whilst maintaining service at the highest level. customer expect from our brand.


As we have seen so far, Best Western Hotel Group and SILMÉXICO present a very complete offer for growth and innovation in the hotel industry, always following well-established and proven processes in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in being part of this prestigious hotel chain, follow us and contact us on all our social networks.

Empowering the Future of Tourism and Real Estate: The Strategic Alliance between SILMÉXICO and Best Western

Best western
May 7th, 2024 Sales Department  

Best Western Hotel Group is a powerful brand recognized worldwide, which has managed to expand to more than 4,200 hotels in more than 100 countries. This leading global hotel network is comprised of three hotel companies including: WorldHotels Collection, Best Western Hotels & Resorts and SureStay Hotel Group.

For its part, SILMÉXICO is a 100% Mexican real estate investment company. In its beginnings it was the result of the diversification of hospitality services from the perspective of the real estate sector and with a specialized focus on residential housing for foreign investors in the Caribbean. Subsequently, under the diversification of investments and the portfolio of destinations, in 2015 SILMEXICO INVESTMENT PROPERTIES was born, a company focused on real estate with a portfolio of residential, commercial and investment properties.

Today both companies join together in this great alliance where SILMÉXICO serves as the developer of the BWH Hotels brand, offering hoteliers and investors a diversified portfolio of brands with different characteristics and services, all designed to generate greater income.

This portfolio is enriched by 19 distinctive brands spanning all market segments, from luxury to economy, BWH Hotels adapts to the needs of developers and guests in all markets, offering personality and style with each brand.

BWH Hotels has a history of 75 years developing its brand. Since its beginnings in 1948, Best Western has been concerned with developing its brand with an orientation to meeting the needs of different types of markets. In this way they have successfully created a global sales network with contacts, knowledge and reputation at the disposal of hotel developers.

With a global presence, the BWH Hotels team engages with decision makers and influencers around the world, aligned to maximize market share across the portfolio. This is a customer-centric organization, marked by a passion for hospitality and focused solely on generating profitable revenue.

Among the agreements that this prestigious company has are:

-Global leisure travel distributors: These include WebBeds, Delta Vacations, hotelbeds, Restel and many more. In this area you have access to 60,000 travel distributors, 140 markets around the world and sales of 100 million nights a year.

-Corporate accounts: In this sector they have collaborations with large companies such as Siemens, British American Tobacco, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture and ABB.

-Online Travel Agencies: With distribution in the main OTAs, BWH Hotels benefits from preferential commissions. Online travel agencies such as Orbitz, Expedia, Trivago,, Despegar, Travelocity, Hotwire and CheapTickets are located here.

An important complement to achieve the success of the project is the Marketing and Loyalty Strategy. BWH Hotels spends $70 million annually on global advertising campaigns and its various content channels (YouTube Channel and official blog), which encourage guests to travel and choose this chain for their stay.

In summary, the alliance between Best Western Hotel Group and SILMÉXICO not only represents an opportunity for growth and innovation in the hotel industry, but also offers a testament to both companies’ continued commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a diversified portfolio, global distribution network and robust marketing strategy, this partnership is poised to reach new heights and define the standard of modern hospitality.

We still have a lot of information to discover about this incredible alliance, if you want to learn more about the opportunities that the convergence of both companies will offer, stay tuned to our official blog and social networks.

Can I buy a property on the beach as a foreigner in Mexico?

April 17, 2024 Sales Department  

Mexico is a country rich in culture, customs, traditions, and has unmatched gastronomy among exceptional drinks and dishes. In addition, it has many cities that are a great tourist attraction for people from all over the world. This attraction, together with the peculiar, more relaxed lifestyle, generates in some people the desire to invest in property and start a life in this impressive country.


The above opens space to a very popular question: can I acquire property in Mexico as a foreigner? And the answer is yes. Foreigners can purchase property in Mexico, including beachfront properties. However, it is important to mention that there are certain areas considered “restricted zones”, which have some restrictions for foreigners and a trust is required to purchase.


The decision to purchase property in Mexico through a Mexican company or trust will depend on several factors, including your financial and personal objectives, as well as the specific regulations and restrictions in the area where you wish to purchase.


A trust (called a real estate trust or “bank trust”) is a common option for foreigners, especially in restricted areas, as it allows the acquisition of property with legal protections. However, a Mexican company can also be a viable option, depending on the legal and tax structure that best suits your needs.


Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a real estate expert or an attorney specialized in foreign property laws in Mexico to obtain personalized advice on which option would be ideal for you and your needs.


At SILMÉXICO we have a team of professionals who are experts in real estate, foreign property laws in Mexico and the incorporation of Mexican companies. Feel confident that we will advise you here to help you make the best investment decisions in Mexico.

Puis-je acheter une propriété sur la plage au Mexique en tant qu’étranger??

mercredi 17 avril 2024 Sales Department

Le Mexique est un pays riche en culture, coutumes, traditions et possède une gastronomie inégalée parmi des boissons et des plats exceptionnels. En outre, elle compte de nombreuses villes qui constituent une grande attraction touristique pour les personnes du monde entier. Cette attraction, associée au style de vie particulier et plus détendu, génère chez certaines personnes le désir d’investir dans une propriété et de commencer une vie dans ce pays impressionnant.


Ce qui précède ouvre la voie à une question très populaire : puis-je acquérir une propriété au Mexique en tant qu’étranger ? Et la réponse est oui. Les étrangers peuvent acheter des propriétés au Mexique, y compris des propriétés en bord de mer. Cependant, il est important de mentionner qu’il existe certaines zones considérées comme des « zones réglementées », qui comportent certaines restrictions pour les étrangers et qu’une fiducie est nécessaire pour acheter.


La décision d’acheter une propriété au Mexique par l’intermédiaire d’une société ou d’une fiducie mexicaine dépendra de plusieurs facteurs, notamment de vos objectifs financiers et personnels, ainsi que des réglementations et restrictions spécifiques à la région où vous souhaitez acheter.


Une fiducie (appelée fiducie immobilière ou « fiducie bancaire ») est une option courante pour les étrangers, notamment dans les zones réglementées, car elle permet l’acquisition de biens avec des protections juridiques. Cependant, une entreprise mexicaine peut également être une option viable, selon la structure juridique et fiscale la mieux adaptée à vos besoins.


Il est donc conseillé de consulter un expert immobilier ou un avocat spécialisé dans le droit des biens étrangers au Mexique pour obtenir des conseils personnalisés sur l’option qui serait idéale pour vous et vos besoins.


Chez SILMÉXICO, nous disposons d’une équipe de professionnels experts en immobilier, en droit de la propriété étrangère au Mexique et en constitution de sociétés mexicaines. Soyez assuré que nous vous conseillons ici pour vous aider à prendre les meilleures décisions d’investissement au Mexique.

Benefits of listing your property with SILMÉXICO

Martes 27 de febrero 2024 By Verónica González Sales Assistants

SILMÉXICO is a passionate company, with experience and dedication to real estate. We go beyond traditional real estate services: we create real estate solutions in order to prepare our clients for their next step, which is to invest in the City of Oaxaca. Among all the services offered at SILMÉXICO is listing properties for rent or sale.

But… What does it mean listing a property?

In the real estate field, “listing” a property refers to adding said property within the catalog of one or more real estate agencies to provide promotion and dissemination through different media in order to sell or rent it by the owner. Each real estate agency will establish terms and conditions, as well as commission percentages to carry out the listing.

Benefits of listing your property with SILMÉXICO

  • PROFESSIONAL TEAM: We have a team of professionals ready to guide you towards making the best decisions for you and your property.
  • CLIENT PORTFOLIO: We have a large client portfolio where 90% of them are foreigners looking to invest in Mexico.
  • CERTAINTY: We seek to do more and make money with safe real estate investments that do not leave our clients vulnerable to the fluctuations of the stock market.
  • DUE DILIGENCE: We carry out the due diligence process in each of our transactions to ensure that both the seller and the buyer have all their documentation in order.
  • COMPLETE STRATEGY: We offer a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the property. Within this we include: market study of the area, promotion and dissemination of the property on all our platforms (websites and other paid platforms such as Craigslist, Vivanuncios, Mondilion), social media strategies, exhibition in showroom windows, digital exhibition, Customer profiling, monthly report of interested customers and visits.
  • MONITORING UNTIL THE CLOSING OF THE OPERATION: Our services include monitoring until the closing of the sale/rental of your property.
  • LEGAL CONSULTING: This includes letter of intent, contracts and negotiation support.
enlista tu propiedad

Our experience in Real Estate in Mexico has been recognized in The New York Times, Financial Times, Forbes, among others thanks to our valuable knowledge in the area.

We are part of the most prestigious real estate associations in the country and the world, such as AMPI, NAR, FIABCI, among others. However, our business network has been built with our constant real estate transactions that allow us to interact with clients of different needs, levels and nationalities.

Do you need advice to list your property? You can contact us on our website  or at any of our offices:


Xicoténcatl 120, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax. 

Tel. +529515158957



Sabinos 711, Reforma, 68050 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.



Bahía de Santa Cruz, Blvd. Benito Juárez Manzana 2 Lote 4, Santa Cruz Huatulco, P Chahue, 70987 Crucecita, Oax.


Wednesday, February 20, 2024 By Verónica González Sales Assistant

After more than 15 years, the wait is over and on February 4, the 104.3-kilometer work of the Barranca Larga- Ventanilla highway was inaugurated. This new highway will shorten the distance between the state capital and the Oaxacan coast, going from 6.5 hours to only 2.5 hours.


This project required an investment of 13 billion pesos and with its start of operations it will benefit the more than 500 thousand inhabitants of the 50 municipalities of this region. The construction of this highway also generated an economic impact of 1,800 direct jobs and 3,500 indirect jobs. It is expected that after its opening there will be traffic of around 4 thousand vehicles per day.

New highway Oaxaca-Puerto

The road from the Oaxacan capital to Puerto Escondido is made up of two parts. The first part runs along Federal Highway 175 0axaca-Puerto Ángel in a route of 70 kilometers. A booth at this point marks the beginning of the second section for 104 more kilometers, during which there are 15 access junctions for the surrounding communities. The route has bridges, 3 viaducts, 3 tunnels, 114 crossing structures and finally ends at the beach. It is important to mention that the road will be free during the first year after its opening.


Without a doubt, this new highway will be a very important trigger for the tourism sector, since the travel time from the capital to the beach destinations on the Oaxacan coast will be reduced: Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Zicatela, Mazunte and San Agustinillo, among others. The above translates into much more influx of visitors, more productive investment, economic growth and more jobs for the inhabitants of the area.


Friday, December 1, 2023 By Jessica Hernández Sales Assistant at SILMÉXICO  

In Mexico, as in the rest of the world, there are different types of construction works, each one requires different planning and materials according to its use, so in the following blog, we present the different types of buildings in the country. 

Public construction

This type of structure refers to those that are financed by governmental institutions, whose objective is the benefit of a whole community, seeking to cover the needs of the population. These include highways, streets, railroads, water distribution systems, hospitals, fire stations, courthouses, parks, and other works that correspond to the federal, state, or municipal governments.

Residential construction

These are those buildings with housing purposes, reduced to the term “house”, within them, there are different types, depending on their design, size, etc., such as villas, condos, apartments, townhouses, or traditional houses.

Commercial Construction

Designed for economic exchange between members of society, through the location of businesses. These are divided into shopping centers, warehouses, as well as offices, and industries. Within this type of construction, activities of buying and selling products and/or services are carried out.

Industrial construction

These buildings are built for manufacturing or product distribution purposes, precisely because of these functions, these types of buildings should be located away from urbanization, for greater safety, since they contain machinery and/or use hazardous chemical components.

Construction of green areas

This refers to all those areas whose objective is to promote environmental care, such as parks, gardens, and green surfaces in general, in which the protagonists are plants, recycled materials, and eco-friendly.


Other types of construction include cultural construction focused on educational and entertainment activities, which are built with stages and noise-insulating materials. As well as sports, for physical recreation, such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, running tracks, stadiums, etc. Built with concrete structures and profiles. 


If you are looking for advice for your next construction project, in SILMÉXICO we have a team of professionals specialized in this area, who will advise you on the design and execution of the project, as well as the materials needed according to your type of work. You can contact us at