MXN Exchange Rate


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

By Jessica Hernández

That’s right, the real estate business is considered the safest because it is one of the fastest-growing industries. Investing in real estate offers you a safe return on investment, you must be visionary and patient to understand that an investment today will give results tomorrow in the short and long term, for example, if you buy a property and market it as income, for short or long stays, you will immediately start generating profits and in a few years you will have recovered your investment, in addition to ensuring a heritage for your future. 

As the phrase says, the currency is devalued, the real estate is not. Unlike a car, which over time, no matter how equipped it is, its value will decrease, comparing it to a property; the more time passes, the more its value will increase, which is why it is not considered a risky investment, unlike other industries. In this sense, in the real estate sector, inflation is an element that plays in its favor.

Another of the benefits offered by this investment is buying both at auction and pre-sale prices. The properties at auction usually exist due to seizure processes, they remain as collateral in loans, since these are not settled, the bank proceeds to carry out the corresponding seizure and finally to auction off the property at 50% of its value. The important thing about buying pre-sale for pre-construction is that the prices are lower compared to the costs of already completed works.

As for Oaxaca, it is a state that is undergoing economic development, which is why the demand for housing has increased and will continue to do so considerably. With the upcoming opening of the new highway that connects the city with beach tourist destinations, the number of both national and foreign tourists will multiply, which also places the state in the eye of investors.

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