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Museums to visit in Oaxaca.

There exist in Oaxaca more than fifty museums that are dedicated to showing the history and art of the estate through different pieces and pictures. If you are curious about what is behind all the cultural heritage of Oaxaca, continue reading because we are going to present to you our top museums to visit during your stay in the estate.

Museum of the cultures of Oaxaca

It is located in the ex-convent of the Santo Domingo church, it is a cultural center with archeological objects and antique books. It represents a valuable architectural heritage for the history of the estate since the colonial period. It is made up of 14 permanent exhibition rooms in which it is represented a great archeological, historic, and ethnographic legacy, it also has nine thematic rooms, where the visitors can know a generic overview of the various traditional activities of Oaxaca such as ceramic, goldsmithing, saddlery and gastronomy among others. 

It was founded on September 22nd, 1831, it means so many years ago, can you imagine how much history and memories this place keeps?

Museum of Contemporary Art (MACO)

Its headquarters is an antique house that dates from the end of the XVII century. It presents permanent and rotary exhibitions of Mexican contemporary art. This museum was founded on February 28, 1992, by the Civil Association of Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art A.C. with the support of the government of the estate as well as the collaboration of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Museum of the Oaxacan Painters (MUPO)

At the historic level, this museum was the first headquarters of the first museum of anthropology and history in 1933. It was also the first place where the jewels of the grave 7° of Monte Alban were exhibited. It has the purpose to promote and develop the art of Oaxaca and the world through paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos. It is located on Independence, the main street of Oaxaca city which is right next to the Zocalo.

Textile Museum of Oaxaca

As its name says, this enclosure is home to different textile jewels which are handmade by the artisans from different original towns of the estate. There are several extensive private collections, with hundreds of pieces in each of them, in addition to several dozen textiles that have been acquired expressly for the museum. There are also pieces from other parts of the world that make the collection richer. This museum counts with monthly programs of workshops with artists from Mexico and other countries as guests to share their knowledge and love for this kind of art.

Museum of the stamps

This is one of a kind museum in the city, it is a house in the historic center that has opened its doors to offer horizons to promote reflection and coexistence through stamp collecting and culture. That is why this space is dedicated to showing stamps from around the world. Among them, you can find the “Hidalgo Azul”, which was the first printed stamp in Mexico, and also the “Penny Black”, the first stamp in the world, amazing no? You can also find letters from the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. There are permanent and rotary exhibitions, where you can also admire pieces of stamp art. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful art and go back to the past by reading and admiring antique letters and stamps.

Children´s museum of Oaxaca (MIO)

The infrastructure of this museum dedicated to the little ones will draw a smile on your face since this is in the restored antique railway station of Oaxaca. So, the old coaches were transformed into ludic spaces for the children´s community. There are different exhibitions, activities, and workshops for the kids. Its purpose is to promote reading, environmental education, learning and appreciation of art, and of course fun for the little ones. It opened its doors on March 3rd, 2017 to offer cultural activities to nourish the ability to value and preserve the culture of our state through workshops and expositions focused on little boys and girls.

Museum of Prehispanic Art of Mexico Rufino Tamayo

The famous and talented painter Rufino Tamayo is the founder of this place committed to preserving and showing with pride distinct pieces that represent the three periods of art in Mexico: prehispanic, because of the pieces of the collection provided by Tamayo, the virreinal due to the gorgeous building in which it is located, and the modern for the attitude and vision of the artist who knew to appreciate these pieces and its importance to conserve them in order to keep a legacy of the history of the prehispanic culture. The museum holds concerts, workshops, conferences, and presentations, among other activities that contribute to the dissemination of our culture between locals and visitors.

Museum of site Juarez House

This historic building is where the ex-president of Mexico Benito Juarez lived when he came from his original town Guelatao. The museum gathers documents and personal objects of the Benemerito and narrates The Reform War, The French Intervention, and The Triumph of the Republic

In the year of 1906 when the centenary of the birth of Benito Juarez, the Governor of that time acquired the house to make the adaptations to make it into a museum, so after so many years, of adjustments, the recollection and the restorations of the object, the house opened its doors as a museum in 1933, and since then it is committed to showing the history of this ex-president, to illustrate how his life was and his historic legacy. 

Now you know where to go during your free time or during your stay in Oaxaca city. Come and visit our different museums and dive into our history and culture and fall in love with our unique state.


Written by Jessica Hernández 


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