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Architecture and sustainability on the coast of Oaxaca

It is well known the coast of Oaxaca is growing considerably. Every year there are more people interested in investing there. Either for living purposes or for development, locals and foreigners choose between the different beach communities Oaxaca has. People who decide to live or invest in the coast do it for different reasons, among them, the fact that is a place that through the years will continue growing economically and where nature and architecture coexist friendly.

The coast of Oaxaca, emphasizing of course Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, are destinations with high demand but with a limited offer, which makes the occupancy high, making it the ideal place to invest.

Life on the beach is just as relaxing as you can imagine it. You can spend your days surfing, taking sunbaths, staring at sunrises and sunsets, snorkeling, releasing turtles, or going down the different beaches. That is why, according to the rustic atmosphere these places still keep, the real estate trend goes to cabins, townhouses, condos, and apartments, each one of them with different characteristics which mark the difference between the prices, most of the properties are designed and built in an eco-chic way, including a mixture of materials proper of the region and others of low environmental impact. The architectural proposals in the developments on the coast take into account materials that fit perfectly with the climate conditions and contribute to the conservation and protection of the flora and fauna. From the “adobe” which keeps a fresh sensation, to the “palma” which decorates the protruding palapas in different houses. This is what the relationship between architecture and sustainability means; long-term growth without causing damage to the environment and ecosystems and achieving a balanced development by making efficient use of natural resources renewable and non-renewable.

As human beings, we need to be conscious of the responsibility we have for the elements of our ecosystems, thinking about our actions and the impact they will have on our environment. It is important to mention that the new developments in the different zones of the coast of Oaxaca are betting on this line of responsible architecture, characterized by being respectful of the environment and being adapted to its conditions and the usage of materials of low environmental impact.

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Written by Jessica Hernández.

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