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The real estate and its rapid adaptation to market trends

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It is not a secret to anyone that the pandemic brought about changes in all sectors, thus forcing the world population to adapt to it. Such is the case of Real Estate, which is already showing signs of adaptation in a post-pandemic world.

Currently, demographic redistribution, new generations with their different needs and tastes, as well as ways of working, as well as the new normality, among others, have generated a natural demand for housing with larger spaces and adapted to the factors already mentioned, which has brought with it new trends. For example, people look for residences and/or developments not only to establish their home or business, but also to consider environmental awareness, energy efficiency, a variety of spaces and that it is also profitable, among many other requirements.

Real estate development has a direct impact on the economy derived from the high investment for the development of new spaces in the different types of real estate, attracting both local and foreign investment to the country.

It is important to mention that the real estate sector is one of the pillars of the Mexican economy, according to Alejandro Blé, director of Coldwell Banker: “We have seen that what has undoubtedly maintained the economy is the real estate sector, it is something that, without a doubt, although it has paused in certain aspects, it has remained stable. Since 2020, 11% of GDP came from the real estate industry, also the maintenance of low interest rates and financial conditions have been quite accessible and the government’s plans to reactivate the industry sector have also helped “(El economista, 2022).

Hence the importance of this industry, since every activity requires real estate.

We are aware that the fear of investors is to put their assets at risk in a period of high uncertainty in the face of the promise of a profound change in the way of being, thinking and living of the new generations that participate in the market. That is why, those of us who are immersed in this sector, see it as imperative to reinvent ourselves and continue to focus our efforts in order to identify the preferences that consumers demand and guide them in achieving their goals.

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