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July 19, 2023 

By Ing. Ricardo Cisneros Sánchez 

Project Manager at SILMÉXICO

Construction is one of the most important industries in the world, where human and variable capital moves 365 days a year. It is not surprising that this is constantly changing since it must respond to the social, cultural, environmental, and political needs that are taking place in the area where the construction will be implemented.

In 2023, construction in México has mainly focused on maximizing investor investment with proposals that respond to current environmental measures, reduce execution times, and that the final product meets higher quality standards in finishing and operation. This is why we group them into the following points:


  • Sustainable Construction: Sustainability is a major trend in the construction industry, and developers are looking for ways to build projects that are more environmentally friendly. This may include the use of recycled or 0-impact materials, the installation of renewable energy systems, separation of water for final disposal, accompanied by designs that are efficient in the use of energy. The implementation of materials such as earth, wood, and stone are increasingly gaining prominence in current constructions.


  • Modular Construction: Modular construction is a construction method that uses prefabricated components that are assembled on-site. This method can be faster and more efficient than traditional construction, and can also result in less waste, optimizing construction costs and maximizing work crew performance. From SIP panels and prefabricated structural elements such as the joist and alveolar plate to the use of 3D printing, they allow a dry, affordable construction with guaranteed quality.


  • Smart Building: Smart building uses technology to improve the efficiency and comfort of the end-user of buildings. This may include the use of automation systems, sensors, and networks to control climate, lighting, and other systems. Since the pandemic, this niche has grown considerably and has become a necessity in terms of the comforts it can offer the end user.


It is important to be updated with the needs of the market and the demand for products that cities demand today since this allows cutting-edge projects to be carried out that ensure profitability in the short and medium term. Today, a sustainable building can help reduce maintenance costs, improve air and water quality, and create a positive image for the company. Implementing modular elements can help speed up construction time, reduce running costs, and create less waste. If we combine this with elements that improve the efficiency and comfort of the end users, we will obtain greater satisfaction both from our end client and from the investors of the project, reflecting higher incomes and immediate capital gains.

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