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July 28, 2023 

By Jessica Hernández

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Every year is visible the increase in the number of foreigners who have decided to reside in the country. The most significant number of migrants that entered México in the last 5 years came from the United States, 381K people, and 8,858 people from Canada.

Mexico is already host to a strong contingent of foreign residents who live here full-time or part-time, and although the reasons they tend to cite for choosing to live in Mexico vary, common themes include a welcoming culture, agreeable climates, the delicious flavors and fresh produce, and affordable living costs.

Above all, foreigners are looking for a comfortable life, already retired from productive activities, and they find, in locations close to the Oaxacan capital in the city itself, and on the coast, a pleasant climate, a less expensive economy compared to that of their countries of origin, and a quiet life.


It’s not just retired who are seeking change: we’re receiving interest from people in their middle ages, and even some younger working-age people whose transferable skills enable them to exercise their talents in various areas of the ‘knowledge economy’—especially online working, or as they are known and named “digital nomads” 


Another attraction for people seeking an alternative lifestyle here is the lower cost of living in Oaxaca—which translates into things like more retirement savings for those still in their working-age, and more sustainable living standards for those on fixed incomes in retirement.

The state has countless landscapes that make foreigners fall in love with them and make the decision of living here. Likewise, retired like Oaxaca due to its nice weather, as most of them come from cold parts of the world, they prefer sunny and warm days in places such is the case of the Oaxacan coast. 

As foreigners come from big cities where the hustle and bustle, and smoke are their bread-and-butter, they prefer tranquil places where they can disconnect from stress and slow down from their usual pace of life. 


There is huge investment potential in Oaxaca state. Housing prices are low, while infrastructure, including the 420 Million USD highway and 26 Million USD airport expansion is well underway. This will help result in an appreciation in oceanfront and in the City’s properties in the area.

From its untouched beaches to its rugged coastline and mountainous landscapes with colonial buildings, Oaxaca is truly Mexico’s hidden gem.

If you found yourself interested, find out about the wide range of real estate that we offer in SILMÉXICO and contact us through any of our different communication channels: 


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