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What is an angel investor?

By Dolores Pérez Islas

Ceo Silmexico

There are multiple ways to get investment for your venture, it can be capital and also the knowledge and experience of a leader in the field. The lack of capital responds to one of the main causes of entrepreneurs not concreting their projects because of the lack of funding. In fact, a large percentage of entrepreneurs started without money.

A Business Angel or Angel Investor is a person who injects capital into an enterprise or enterprise with high growth potential.

There are capital injection options related to this type of investor such as Triple F, Venture Capital, Accelerators, or Incubators, as well as government funding.

Business Angel injects capital into a startup or project in its first months of life with capital and advice in exchange for high returns from high risk as an incipient venture. This is why this type of investor enters a crucial stage for SMEs, called the seed stage. At this stage, companies are primarily focused on developing their idea to validate the business model.

An angel investor is a usually successful entrepreneur who wants to support other entrepreneurs. Most of these investors seek a position on the board or a consultative role. They seek double-digit returns on investment, invest in the company’s decision-maker, and bet on the vision and innovation of their entrepreneurial idea, as well as on the potential of the business, these investors generally have lasting relationships hence the importance of such investment synergies. If you are interested in learning more about this type of investment, write to us or contact us at

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