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Wednesday, September 13, 2023, By Jessica Hernández, Real Estate Advisor & Marketing Analyst in SILMÉXICO

The finishes are the coatings that are placed on a black work, whether on the walls, floors, roofs, openings, or ceilings, that is, they are the final details whose purpose is to protect, seal, or waterproof said surface, giving at the same time aesthetics to the construction. There are different types of finishes depending on where you want to place it and what function you want to fulfill.

In this section we will focus on the types of finishes for interior walls, of which there are two; horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal finishes:

They are subdivided into rigid pavements, continuous pavements, and false ceilings.

False ceilings: They have the function of hiding the evacuation pipes or installations that pass through the ceiling. They are usually made of plaster and reduce the height of the room.

Rigid pavements: These are those composed of rigid pieces such as tiles, paving stones, or tiles and are made of stone, cement, ceramic, concrete, wood, and steel sheets.

Continuous pavements: They are executed on-site and possible joints must be taken into account to avoid cracking. Continuous pavements are paving, gravel, printed concrete, or micro cement. For the final finish, it is usually necessary to use other materials known as intermediates that go between the final finish and the load-bearing elements.

Vertical finishes:

  • Within which we can find:

    Plastering: It is used to achieve a smooth wall surface thanks to the application of mortar, cement, or plaster base.

    Interior paints: This layer on the interior is purely aesthetic and is applied over the plaster.

    Tiling: It is usually used in humid places such as bathrooms or kitchens and consists of a wall covered in tiles, its function is to waterproof the wall.

    Stucco: Stucco is a paste of slaked lime and pulverized marble, It is applied in several layers and is used to cover both interior and exterior surfaces.

    Whitewash: Whitewash is a mixture of lime, powder, marble, and water. It applies like paint.

    Remember to choose the finish that best suits the design of your property considering that it fulfills its basic function of sealing, protecting, or waterproofing, and that it can also be maintained from time to time without having to replace it so often.

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