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Wednesday, August 23, 2023, By Jessica Hernández, Real Estate Advisor & Marketing Analyst in SILMÉXICO

A real estate development is the one in which the construction of a property is executed, in which different figures play important roles and are key to its proper development. Here we tell you who they are:

Project Manager

The project manager will be in charge of carrying out the planning and control so that all the steps of the execution of a project are carried out correctly. In other words, project management applied to this field includes all actions aimed at coordinating the work of the team to achieve the objectives of any construction project. Usually, the functions of the project manager include the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and control of construction projects.

The functions of a project manager in construction are among others: 

        Decision making.

        Economic feasibility studies.

        financial planning.

        Establishing the design.

        The cost configuration.

        The cost-design relationship.

        Value engineering or economic analysis of alternative technical designs.

        Buildability analysis. 

        Contracting through preparation, selection, and contracting of proposals.

Construction management or management, that is, time and investment programming.

Construction manager

Unlike the Project Manager, who occasionally visits the site, but is not there full time, the Site Manager is on site. He works in coordination with the project manager, and his duties include supervision and management of construction projects from conception to completion. In-depth project review to schedule deliveries and calculate costs. Supervision of all on-site and remote works to control compliance with construction and safety regulations.

General contractor

A general contractor is tasked with completing the construction process within the specified time frame. General contractors must also work with different interested parties, as well as the hiring and coordinate of all the personnel involved in the work, and suppliers of the different materials to be used, operating within the budget and supervising the entire construction project. The role of the contractor is essential from the preconstruction phase since it is in charge of receiving, analyzing, and landing all the information generated by the architects and calculating engineers, to fit it into a price and time frame. 

Safety Manager

A construction site is a place where accidents and risks are the order of the day, these can occur due to human errors, or due to machines that do not function properly. Objects placed in the wrong position, a distraction, or just not wearing the right clothing (special boots, helmets, gloves, etc.), can be the cause of insignificant accidents, even those that involve hospitalization for long periods. Precisely to avoid these situations, it is necessary to have a safety manager on site, who will be in charge of monitoring that each one of the workers is safe during their workday. The security manager’s task is to apply the corresponding preventive measures at each stage of construction, identifying possible risks and carrying out corrective actions according to their previously established management plan. These actions will not only avoid fatalities but also prevent fines and sanctions from construction regulatory agencies in the state and country that may even result in the definitive suspension of the work on the project. 

Facility Manager

Among the functions of the facilities manager we can find: planning and coordination of all installations and retrofits, management of the maintenance of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards.

Administration Manager

The one who will be in charge of seeing everything related to the monetary flows of the work. As its name indicates, it will manage the money destined for the execution of the work and, likewise, will coordinate the necessary purchases of the material. In short, it is the person who controls the budget and ensures that it is respected.


It is clear that there are more people involved who are equally important for the precise construction of the project, which is why it is necessary to establish roles and select the appropriate personnel for each function. Plumbers, masons, painters, topographers, welders, architects, engineers, etc., all form an essential part of a construction.

Currently, SILMÉXICO is in the process of construction on the coast of Oaxaca in different projects, where the processes are being meticulously carried out and all construction regulations are being applied, always with the indicated personnel, such as our team of engineers. and architects that make up the construction area.

Interested in our construction services in SILMÉXICO? Contact our advisors at, call to 951 127 1380, or visit any of our offices in Oaxaca City and Huatulco.

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