Can I buy a property on the beach as a foreigner in Mexico?

April 17, 2024 Sales Department  

Mexico is a country rich in culture, customs, traditions, and has unmatched gastronomy among exceptional drinks and dishes. In addition, it has many cities that are a great tourist attraction for people from all over the world. This attraction, together with the peculiar, more relaxed lifestyle, generates in some people the desire to invest in property and start a life in this impressive country.


The above opens space to a very popular question: can I acquire property in Mexico as a foreigner? And the answer is yes. Foreigners can purchase property in Mexico, including beachfront properties. However, it is important to mention that there are certain areas considered “restricted zones”, which have some restrictions for foreigners and a trust is required to purchase.


The decision to purchase property in Mexico through a Mexican company or trust will depend on several factors, including your financial and personal objectives, as well as the specific regulations and restrictions in the area where you wish to purchase.


A trust (called a real estate trust or “bank trust”) is a common option for foreigners, especially in restricted areas, as it allows the acquisition of property with legal protections. However, a Mexican company can also be a viable option, depending on the legal and tax structure that best suits your needs.


Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a real estate expert or an attorney specialized in foreign property laws in Mexico to obtain personalized advice on which option would be ideal for you and your needs.


At SILMÉXICO we have a team of professionals who are experts in real estate, foreign property laws in Mexico and the incorporation of Mexican companies. Feel confident that we will advise you here to help you make the best investment decisions in Mexico.

Puis-je acheter une propriété sur la plage au Mexique en tant qu’étranger??

mercredi 17 avril 2024 Sales Department

Le Mexique est un pays riche en culture, coutumes, traditions et possède une gastronomie inégalée parmi des boissons et des plats exceptionnels. En outre, elle compte de nombreuses villes qui constituent une grande attraction touristique pour les personnes du monde entier. Cette attraction, associée au style de vie particulier et plus détendu, génère chez certaines personnes le désir d’investir dans une propriété et de commencer une vie dans ce pays impressionnant.


Ce qui précède ouvre la voie à une question très populaire : puis-je acquérir une propriété au Mexique en tant qu’étranger ? Et la réponse est oui. Les étrangers peuvent acheter des propriétés au Mexique, y compris des propriétés en bord de mer. Cependant, il est important de mentionner qu’il existe certaines zones considérées comme des « zones réglementées », qui comportent certaines restrictions pour les étrangers et qu’une fiducie est nécessaire pour acheter.


La décision d’acheter une propriété au Mexique par l’intermédiaire d’une société ou d’une fiducie mexicaine dépendra de plusieurs facteurs, notamment de vos objectifs financiers et personnels, ainsi que des réglementations et restrictions spécifiques à la région où vous souhaitez acheter.


Une fiducie (appelée fiducie immobilière ou « fiducie bancaire ») est une option courante pour les étrangers, notamment dans les zones réglementées, car elle permet l’acquisition de biens avec des protections juridiques. Cependant, une entreprise mexicaine peut également être une option viable, selon la structure juridique et fiscale la mieux adaptée à vos besoins.


Il est donc conseillé de consulter un expert immobilier ou un avocat spécialisé dans le droit des biens étrangers au Mexique pour obtenir des conseils personnalisés sur l’option qui serait idéale pour vous et vos besoins.


Chez SILMÉXICO, nous disposons d’une équipe de professionnels experts en immobilier, en droit de la propriété étrangère au Mexique et en constitution de sociétés mexicaines. Soyez assuré que nous vous conseillons ici pour vous aider à prendre les meilleures décisions d’investissement au Mexique.

Benefits of listing your property with SILMÉXICO

Martes 27 de febrero 2024 By Verónica González Sales Assistants

SILMÉXICO is a passionate company, with experience and dedication to real estate. We go beyond traditional real estate services: we create real estate solutions in order to prepare our clients for their next step, which is to invest in the City of Oaxaca. Among all the services offered at SILMÉXICO is listing properties for rent or sale.

But… What does it mean listing a property?

In the real estate field, “listing” a property refers to adding said property within the catalog of one or more real estate agencies to provide promotion and dissemination through different media in order to sell or rent it by the owner. Each real estate agency will establish terms and conditions, as well as commission percentages to carry out the listing.

Benefits of listing your property with SILMÉXICO

  • PROFESSIONAL TEAM: We have a team of professionals ready to guide you towards making the best decisions for you and your property.
  • CLIENT PORTFOLIO: We have a large client portfolio where 90% of them are foreigners looking to invest in Mexico.
  • CERTAINTY: We seek to do more and make money with safe real estate investments that do not leave our clients vulnerable to the fluctuations of the stock market.
  • DUE DILIGENCE: We carry out the due diligence process in each of our transactions to ensure that both the seller and the buyer have all their documentation in order.
  • COMPLETE STRATEGY: We offer a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the property. Within this we include: market study of the area, promotion and dissemination of the property on all our platforms (websites and other paid platforms such as Craigslist, Vivanuncios, Mondilion), social media strategies, exhibition in showroom windows, digital exhibition, Customer profiling, monthly report of interested customers and visits.
  • MONITORING UNTIL THE CLOSING OF THE OPERATION: Our services include monitoring until the closing of the sale/rental of your property.
  • LEGAL CONSULTING: This includes letter of intent, contracts and negotiation support.
enlista tu propiedad

Our experience in Real Estate in Mexico has been recognized in The New York Times, Financial Times, Forbes, among others thanks to our valuable knowledge in the area.

We are part of the most prestigious real estate associations in the country and the world, such as AMPI, NAR, FIABCI, among others. However, our business network has been built with our constant real estate transactions that allow us to interact with clients of different needs, levels and nationalities.

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