Friday, December 1, 2023 By Jessica Hernández Sales Assistant at SILMÉXICO  

In Mexico, as in the rest of the world, there are different types of construction works, each one requires different planning and materials according to its use, so in the following blog, we present the different types of buildings in the country. 

Public construction

This type of structure refers to those that are financed by governmental institutions, whose objective is the benefit of a whole community, seeking to cover the needs of the population. These include highways, streets, railroads, water distribution systems, hospitals, fire stations, courthouses, parks, and other works that correspond to the federal, state, or municipal governments.

Residential construction

These are those buildings with housing purposes, reduced to the term “house”, within them, there are different types, depending on their design, size, etc., such as villas, condos, apartments, townhouses, or traditional houses.

Commercial Construction

Designed for economic exchange between members of society, through the location of businesses. These are divided into shopping centers, warehouses, as well as offices, and industries. Within this type of construction, activities of buying and selling products and/or services are carried out.

Industrial construction

These buildings are built for manufacturing or product distribution purposes, precisely because of these functions, these types of buildings should be located away from urbanization, for greater safety, since they contain machinery and/or use hazardous chemical components.

Construction of green areas

This refers to all those areas whose objective is to promote environmental care, such as parks, gardens, and green surfaces in general, in which the protagonists are plants, recycled materials, and eco-friendly.


Other types of construction include cultural construction focused on educational and entertainment activities, which are built with stages and noise-insulating materials. As well as sports, for physical recreation, such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, running tracks, stadiums, etc. Built with concrete structures and profiles. 


If you are looking for advice for your next construction project, in SILMÉXICO we have a team of professionals specialized in this area, who will advise you on the design and execution of the project, as well as the materials needed according to your type of work. You can contact us at info@silmexico.com