Monday, July 17, 2023

By Jessica Hernández

As explained in a previous article, different mechanisms can be used to acquire properties in México. One of them is the creation of a Mexican corporation, which is the matter of this article. 

A Mexican corporation: as of 1995, foreigners can own, operate and manage Mexican companies, however, some restrictions remain on the activities in which a Mexican company can participate when foreigners are involved, such as mining, airports, and telecommunications; however, the general rule is 100% participation. No investment restrictions exist on foreign-owned companies that purchase and develop the property. Mexican corporations require a minimum of two associates or shareholders. Both shareholders can be foreigners, and having a Mexican partner is unnecessary.  

There are several different types of Mexican corporations, however, the two most common are the S.A. de C.V. and the S. de R.L. de C.V. The S.A. de C.V. is a stock corporation, and S. de R.L. de C.V. resembles a limited liability company. Choosing the type of corporation to establish is essential for tax purposes in both the US and Mexico.

Once your Mexican company is formed, you can acquire property anywhere in Mexico, including the restricted zone. Property acquisition is also a “formal” procedure, and you must ensure that all the proper steps are accomplished to secure the title, that is why this process should be carried out with professionals in the area. 

If you are about to acquire a property in Mexican lands, visit us at to know more about this and other services SILMÉXICO offers and become a Mexican property owner.

Se firma la escritura del LOCAL #1 en Paseo Santa Lucía


El día 11 de julio del 2023 se llevó a cabo la firma de la escritura del LOCAL NÚMERO #1 (UNO) por la entidad financiera ACREIMEX ante el notario público número 100 (CIEN) del estado de Oaxaca, la cooperativa ACREIMEX adquirió este inmueble de 157 mt.2 dentro del nuevo centro comercial Paseo Santa Lucía.

ACREIMEX es una cooperativa de ahorro y crédito que brinda servicios financieros de calidad con sentido humano. Fomentan la cultura del ahorro y el uso responsable del crédito de sus asociados, enfocado a su desarrollo económico y social.

Iniciaron operaciones en la Villa de Etla, Oaxaca el 13 de junio del año 2001, con sólo 3 personas. Actualmente ACREIMEX es una institución autorizada por la Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, con una fuerza de servicio de más de 1,000 personas con 60 sucursales a lo largo de 9 estados de la República Mexicana.

El LOCAL #1, nueva sucursal de ACREIMEX se encuentra en la fachada principal del centro comercial frente a la carretera Internacional #802, con accesos por escaleras y elevador al inmueble.

Así como ACREIMEX se espera en los próximos días continuar escriturando los locales comprados por inversionistas y empresas.

La oportunidad de invertir en Paseo Santa Lucía es cada vez más atractiva para quienes buscan rentabilidades a corto plazo. Las propiedades son privadas y de carácter definitivo con toda la documentación legal para llevar a cabo la compraventa de un inmueble comercial.

¿Quieres invertir en Paseo Santa Lucía?

Contacta al equipo de ventas para obtener toda la asesoría profesional en todo momento y apoyarte en el proceso de compra y escrituración de tu local comercial.

Pregunta por los precios y disponibilidades de cada piso, quedan pocos locales comerciales disponibles en Paseo Santa Lucía.

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Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

By Jessica Hernández

The world of real estate can be a bit complex for those who are just starting out in it, despite the fact that there are many technicalities that must be understood, this industry is full of learning, here are some curiosities that will surprise you and that will be the topic on the table in your future talks.

1.- The tallest building in Latin America and in Mexico is the Obispado Tower.

The use project for the tower is mixed since its facilities include offices, which occupy 56 floors, a 7- story Hilton Garden hotel, a commercial area, a business center, and 172 apartments of up to 315 square meters. In addition, it has amenities for its inhabitants such as a swimming pool, green areas, children’s games, grills, a sky gym, a sky lounge, and a sky bar.

2.- The Ritz Carlton is the best real estate project in México.

This building stands out for its architectural design, its strategic location, and its contribution to the environment since it has the LEED Core & Shell certification. It was awarded in 2022 as the best real estate project in the country. The ceremony was carried out by the Real Estate Developers Association. 

The project represented a total investment of 2,087 million pesos and generated 7,720 direct and 53,206 indirect jobs. And it consists of 58 floors with 153 rooms, luxury suites, and private residences, which offer panoramic views of the Chapultepec Forest, the main lung of the metropolis.

3.- Ben Caballero is the best real estate agent in the world.

An agent from the USA was mentioned in the record Guinness Book as the best real estate agent in the world, since in 2016 Caballero handled more than 3,500 home sales transactions for construction companies, properties valued at more than $1,400 USD million. His company handles an average of nearly 10 homes sold a day.

4.- The most sustainable building in the world is in New York.

One Bryant Park is considered the most sustainable building in the world, it was completed in 2009 and in 2010 received LEED Platinum Certification becoming the first office tower to achieve that level of excellence. Among its characteristics we can find: 

  • It has carbon dioxide monitors
  • LED lighting
  • At night it produces ice in 44 tanks located in its basement, which is used during the day to cool the air in the building.
  • Collects all rainwater in containers with a capacity of 329,000 gallons.
  • Said water is used to irrigate plants and fill the toilet boxes.
  • Later, an internal gray water plant treats it to be used to cool the tower, subsequently releasing it into the environment in a gaseous state, thus completing a cycle that returns to nature.

5.- Cairn de Barnenez is the oldest building in the world.

It is the oldest building in the world since it dates back to 4850 BC. Located in France, the Cairn de Barnenez belongs to the municipality of Plouezoc’h. It is also the largest megalithic mausoleum in Europe.