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Real Estate Project Supervision & Construction

For a construction to be executed respecting the deadlines and financial ceilings stipulated in the work program to meet the delivery dates of the properties and the quality desired by the client, it is essential to have an on-site supervision capable of executing the field work according to the executive project and make strategic decisions in case of details, minorities and contingencies in the work, always taking care of the legality, execution times, construction processes and municipal, state and federal regulations in force.

Our team of engineers in the field is in charge of analyzing the executive project as a whole before starting the works in order to make strategic purchases according to the volume of work and detailed reviews of the technical specifications in structural drawings, installations and finishes, in order to take a critical route in the project according to the initial project schedule.

The project is executed according to the type of contract requested by the client (freehand, direct price, administration) with technical personnel in the field, qualified labor, certified suppliers and guarantees. Accompanied by the corresponding follow-ups in licenses, permits and external supervision of the D.R.O., structurist and inspectors. Always informing the client of the advances and adjustments that the project may have in its construction and that may modify the execution deadlines.

Once the contracted works are concluded, we extend the warranties, manuals, resolutions and operation plans of the property, in compliance with regulations and post-sale follow-up.

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