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Land Feasibility For Real Estate Projects

Finding land that meets the regulations and characteristics you need for your project can be a process that brings many contingencies along the way.

Our multidisciplinary team reviews the legal, environmental, accounting and marketing aspects ideal for your project to be executed on the land you want to build, in order to be able to execute your real estate project in time with your financial projections.

The segmentation of the market to which your project is directed (short rents, long rents, housing, condominium regimes, commerce and investment) is made so that the land has the characteristics that increase the profitability of your project (location, services, market niche, type of project).

Once the land is selected, we review the land that meets the characteristics you need for your project, reviewing densities, delimitations, regulations, legal, fiscal, environmental and technical situation of the property, accompanied by audiovisual material so you can start marketing and sales campaigns.

Continuing with a future purchase and sale, the due diligences are made to review the boundaries and limits of the land according to the deed and are corroborated on site with surveys of altimetry and planimetry. In case of bordering with Federal Zones and Natural Protected Areas, it must be complemented with the corresponding delimitations. In order to have legal and physical certainty of the total area you have for your project.

We check that the price of the land is correct according to the market and work with the client the route to acquire the land according to their needs (cash purchase, partial payment with reservation of title, investment funds, contribution in society).

Once the entire process has been reviewed, we accompany you through the process of buying and selling your land up to the deed and registration in the land registry, in order to continue with the privatization, lotification and construction processes.

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