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Surfistas Puerto Escondido [1600x1200]

The state of Oaxaca (pronounced: wah-HA-ka) in southern Mexico is home to what could be considered the most famous beach break in the world: Zicatela Beach, also known as Puerto Escondido. Zicatela is one of Puerto Escondido’s most famous beaches. The area has enticing cafes, delicious restaurants, and exquisite accommodations. Furthermore, this area is home to the legendary Mexican Pipeline. Most of the action is in the northern part of Zicatela. Non-surfers beware: the waters here have a lethal undertow and are not safe for beginners. Lifeguards have had to rescue several careless people every year. However, pro surfers love the challenge these exciting, but dangerous, waves bring. Punta Zicatela in the far southern end of Zicatela also has a decent surf and a much more mellow vibe.

The coastal resort of Puerto Escondido lies at the end of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range down to the Pacific Ocean. The resort is only 180 miles from the capital.

Puerto Esondido is built among a picturesque bay with gigantic rock formations. On the northwestern end, you can find Bacocho Beach. It has the largest variety of hotels and the atmosphere is calm and laid-back. Another beach in the area is Playa Principal, located in the middle of Puerto Escondido and has several boats available for rent if you want to go fishing or sightseeing. Finally, on the southeastern end, you’ll find Zicatela Beach. Zicatela Beach is a vibrant, action-packed beach with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts surfers and tourists from all around the world — especially Europe. Many come to conquer the famous waves.

A stroll along Zicatela Beach provides the chance to enjoy the spectacular performance of surfers skimming atop the crests of the colossal waves. According to experts, Puerto Escondido is among the ten best surfing sites on the planet! The fun isn’t over when the sun sets. When the night comes, it’s party time in Puerto Escondido.

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