Property Management and Maintenance

Many property owners either reside outside the country or travel extensively most of the time.

Hiring SILMEXICO for all your Property Management needs will ensure that your property is in competent and professional hands.

Our reputation is the basis of our business. Therefore, our No 1 priority is to keep our homeowners satisfied.

We are a local company located in Oaxaca and we promise all our clients to return their phone calls and/or e-mails by at least the next business day (Monday through Saturday).

We schedule our property visits, maintenance, landscaping, and housekeeping work based on our customers’ requirements. Additionally, we have procedures and operational systems to ensure that all matters related to your property are professionally handled.

SILMEXICO handles our clients’ funds, assets, and possessions on a regular basis. Furthermore, we have full liability insurance and use only competent staff to perform tasks such as:

  • Monthly Rent Collection (if required).
  • Maintenance of house and grounds (as directed by owner).
  • Scheduling cleaning of residence (as directed by owner).
  • Managing property´s improvements.
  • Paying property/land taxes to the government annually (if needed).
  • Paying annual home owner insurance (if needed).
  • Managing local bank accounts (if needed).
  • Providing monthly statements, copies of all invoices, credit memos, and receipts. Annual statements provided at end of the year.

Property Management Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Watering and gardening services.
  • Landscaping services.
  • Managing home improvement and repair work.
  • Interior housekeeping.
  • Checking on conditions and security of the property.
  • Pay any monthly bills for you such as utilities.
  • Pay any annual fees for you (i.e. property/land taxes or home insurance).
  • Services can be customized to suit your requirements and budget.

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