Commercial Rental

Local in Jalatlaco

Store for rent in Jalatlaco. This property is excellent for a restaurant. The total area of the property is 293.52 square meters (173.9 square meters on the ground floor and…

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“Terraza Conzatti” Local for rent

Prices starting at $ 9,360 MXN Excellent opportunity to rent “Terraza Conzatti.” It is located in the first square of the historic center. This newly built plaza welcomes anyone who…

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Segundo nivel del Mercadito Gourmet en renta

Excellent opportunity to start or expand your business! The space for rent is inside the first gourmet market in Oaxaca. The space has a great advantage since there is a…

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Local en la colonia Reforma calle Jazminez

Excellent opportunity in the Colonia Reforma. The 120 square meter property is located on the second level and has two bathrooms.

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5th floor of building in Reforma

PRICE: $60,000.00 MX

The inside space has an area of 159.49 square meters, the terrace has an area of 73.43 square meters, and the balcony has an area of 12.99 square meters. The…

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Smile in Oaxaca

PRICE: $11,000,000.00 MX

If you are looking for your own home in Oaxaca, this property may be the one for you! The property has been renovated within the last 5 years to be…

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local in Reforma for rent

Excellent opportunity to expand or start your business! Located in Colonia Reforma with a large influx of people and vehicle traffic. With its 349 square meters of land, this is…

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Casa la Leyenda for rent

This property is located in the center of Oaxaca City and is currently being operated as a hostel. This is a great opportunity for investing! The property has six rooms,…

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Corner in front of the baseball stadium for rent

Located in one of the most commercialized areas of Oaxaca City on one of the busiest streets with a large flow of people passing by. You won’t be able to…

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Local en el Centro de la ciudad

Large, new commercial premises for rent in Oaxaca de Juárez, located in the city center on calle 20 de noviembre next to Elecktra and Mount Piedad. The building is two…

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